4 Tips to a Hassle Free Barbados Getaway

4 Tips to a Hassle Free Barbados Getaway

The beautiful island nation of Barbados is one of the prime vacation destinations in the Caribbean, favored by tourists because of its sparkling, azure waters and moderately tropical climate. If you have the chance to visit the country, here are some tips for a pleasant and hassle-free Barbados tropical getaway.

1. Determine your budget.

Planning your vacation in Barbados will be easier if you make your preparations based on a budget. This should also include taking note of how many people will go with you and how much the budget per person is. Working around your budget, choose the airline, accommodation, and leisure activities or locations, and stick to it. The Internet is a very useful tool for finding the best flight rates, hotels, and hang-out spots for every budget, mood, or occasion.

2. Find out the best time to visit the island.

Doing a little research on the busiest and more idle periods will help you have a more enjoyable stay in the best accommodations and leisurely locations in the island. As with most popular destinations, traveling to this island during the peak season means higher accommodation rates and more visitors. Thus, it will likely be more difficult for you to obtain lodging in popular areas, especially around the coastline.

If you’re after the major events and festivals in this destination, keep in mind that these will also attract more visitors. An example of a major event is the “Crop Over,” a traditional harvest festival which began in 17th century, and held in July or August. One approach to this is to jot down the festivals or events you want to catch and create your travel plans based on them. Of course, you will also need to book your trip and accommodations early.

3. Book flights and accommodations in advance.

Flights are often not concerning since they are often booked in advance; accommodations may need a bit more attention. Once you’ve chosen a place to stay (a hotel, villa, or Barbados apartment hotel), it is often advisable to book your stay in advance. Since the island is a busy tourist destination, you may find it a bit challenging to find available lodging slots, especially in the most popular hotels, villas, and apartment hotels in the busiest areas. Booking early will allow you to choose the rooms and the view that you want, and will ensure a decent and comfortable accommodation for you and your traveling companions.

Particularly, if you are going to visit with your family or as a group, you will find it more convenient to have accommodations reserved before your trip. Barbados apartment hotels are great options for group travelers because they offer privacy and hotel-like services and amenities. However, because many visitors choose them for these features, booking prior to travel is highly recommended. Some apartment hotels (like the luxurious St. James Apartment Hotel) require visitors to settle their balance weeks prior to the arrival date, which is another reason to book in advance.

4. Take note of and compare deals, promos, or packages being offered by travel agencies.

While you may already have a fixed budget for your trip, it always helps to look for deals and promos offered by travel agencies, especially if you opt to visit during peak season (when everything is often more expensive). Most travel packages, discounts, or deals are offered during off-peak season, but still be on the lookout for travel agencies offering them during peak seasons. Who knows, maybe you will need the extra funds from the savings for a nice souvenir!

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