Craziest Adventure in Kenya

It all involves staying awake late at night in an isolated place in the darkness. Most preferably in a cold environment and far away from fire. Do not even try to eat or drink anything hot because it is believed that the wizards have the ability to sense your presence whenever you take anything hot. During the day, wizards are normal people who socialize and mix up very well with ordinary people. When the night comes, they turn out to be completely different and dangerous personalities with very unique characteristics, ranging from producing fire from their tongues, running at an abnormal speed, swelling to abnormal sizes, turning into a bush or maiming somebody to death!

This adventure is mostly done by cultural tour operators organizing tours and safaris to western Kenya, a land full of superstitions and rich in traditional cultural beliefs. The tour guides know how to track them because they know their routes and their time of nocturnal operations. I titled this article as craziest adventure in Kenya because it is an activity that involves a fellow human being who is possessed with evil spirits. During this adventure, it is normal to experience a unique chill pass down your spine as you pass through a small bush nearby. This is one of the ways of detecting that something abnormal is happening around you, which is most probably a wizard hiding in the nearby bush.

Wizards have very sharp hearing abilities at night. To be sincere, it is said that they can hear better than the dogs do at night. Their ability to see is compared to that of a cat, and their sense of smell is so sharp, that they can detect a fellow human being in a hide-out. This characteristic is mostly hereditary in most families but in some cases, especially in a couple where one partner is not a wizard, a strong and thorough apprenticeship takes place.

Most women wizards even have the ability to look at somebody eating any type of food with an evil eye. This person would then develop a serious stomachache that can lead to death if not well treated. Funnily enough, this type of disease is not curable in a hospital, the communities which experience this type of problem have traditional doctors who use natural herbs picked only from particular bushes from particular shrubs.

I am traveling home tonight, it will take me 9 hours to reach, I have to start my journey early enough, lest I arrive late and fall a victim to the wizards! I will tell you more when I come back.

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