How Air Couriers Can Avoid Being Sued For Losing Products Or Carrying Illegal Products Abroad

Air courier travel is usually very safe indeed, especially working for recognised air courier delivery firms, but air couriers must be careful, take precautions, deal only with reputable, reliable, preferably long-established courier companies. Air couriers rarely fall foul to being arrested as spies carrying guns and weapons abroad, but there is truth in tales of individuals being conned into carrying illegal drugs and stolen goods. Just realise these things do happen, but rarely to the careful courier! These tips will help you stay out of trouble:

* The best companies provide couriers with a list of contents of packages being accompanied and some also provide plastic identity cards as proof of your status.

* Problems for couriers are few and relatively minor, the most common being limited room for your luggage after the company’s baggage is boarded.

* What other potential problems might confront the courier? Imprisonment, or worse, for carrying illegal drugs, might be the first problem that springs to mind for more sceptical readers, but it’s a very unlikely scenario for high profile companies with reputations to keep and rigid pre-flight baggage screening routines.

* All airlines carry out extensive checks of packages for drugs, weapons, bombs, and other of life’s more unfortunate paraphernalia. If this isn’t sufficient to allay your fears, then remember that you have a contract stating that you are just a courier. Keep that with you at all times.

* The chance of losing a package is quite remote and also outside your control and contract. In many cases, you won’t see the package you are accompanying and you will rarely carry it physically, so loss of whatever kind will not be your responsibility.

* However, there may be occasions where you are required to carry a package and be charged with its safety at all times, in which case you may be responsible for loss or damage to that item. Read your contract and check your duties thoroughly before agreeing to any assignment. Weigh up the pros and cons before signing on the dotted line!

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