How to Apply for US Spouse visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for US Spouse visa in Nigeria

us spouse visa in nigeria

If you are a US citizen and your spouse that stays abroad. Your spouse would need to apply for a US spouse visa. Having your spouse obtain a visa to come over to the United States to join you is a great step, especially as a foreign citizen. Moreover, you need to follow the steps required to obtain a US spouse visa because it guarantees a successful relocation.

If you are a US citizen and your spouse that stays abroad. Your spouse would need to apply for a US spouse visa. Having your spouse obtain a visa to come over to the United States to join you is a great step, especially as a foreign citizen. Moreover, you need to follow the steps required to obtain a US spouse visa because it guarantees a successful relocation.

Accordingly, this article provides you with detailed information on the step-by-step method of how to apply for a U.S. spouse visa.

What is a United States spouse visa?

The US spouse visa is a valid permit that grants lawfully wedded partners the to migrate to the United States of America. Moreover, the U.S. immigration office only acknowledges you for the spouse visa if you have valid evidence of marriage. You need to prove that you are legally married. One way to prove that is through the Marriage certificate issued by the Nigerian government.

Similarly, eloping or leaving with a partner under the cover of fake marriage is not advisable. Thus, before you can apply for a spouse visa, it must be clear that you have legal evidence to back up your claim.

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Cost of the U.S. spouse visa

If you are applying for U.S. spouse visa, the visa fee costs $265. This fee excludes other payments you might be required to disburse at the embassy for other services. Likewise, this type of visa is allocated to people who want to travel as immigrants to the U.S.

Furthermore, you can pay for the spouse visa online with a visa card. Note that a receipt is generated and should be kept very well. Other fees such as random payments for making photocopies, scanning documents, obtaining court confirmations or employing the services of a travel agent are not included in the cost of a spouse visa.

This means that overall, you could spend about $350-$500 depending on what else you are required to obtain during the spouse visa application process.

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us spouse visa in nigeria

Who is eligible for a United States spouse visa?

Individuals aged 18 and above who are citizens of the United States and have spouses who want to relocate can apply for a spouse visa. A spouse visa can only be applied for by someone who is legally married and the spouse is a legal citizen of the United States.

Where to apply for the United States spouse visa

To obtain a U.S. spouse visa, you need to do this in your country of residence or nationality. This also includes the country where the lawful marriage union took place with a court of law approval.
Furthermore, you should also visit the U.S. embassy closest to you to finalise plans for your visa application.

How long does it take to process the U.S. spouse visa in Nigeria?

First, it takes about 90 days to 150 days to process the U.S. spouse visa. Although it takes more time depending on the final decision of the U.S. immigration office and certain factors that will be communicated to you.

Documents needed to apply for a spouse visa

You need these documents to apply for a United States spouse visa in Nigeria;

Valid International Passport

In normal terms, you should apply with a valid Nigerian international passport with some empty pages. Here, your visa will be stamped and returned to you as soon as it is ready. However, the passport should not be near expiration and should have more than 6 months of validity.

Recent passport photograph

Following the guidelines stated by the United States Immigration Service. The passport photograph to be uploaded to the website during your application should;

  • Be recent at least 3 months or less
  • Have a standard white background
  • Show facial features clearly
  • Not have extra lighting or unusual facial expressions
  • Be scanned and uploaded to the immigration website
  • Be the required size you should present
  • Your ears must be visible

Visa fee receipt

After you have paid for your visa the K-visa, which is the spouse visa category. A receipt notification will be sent to you. Therefore you should print and submit, although making extra copies is vital because you will present this at the U.S. embassy.

Sponsors plea form and letter

Documenting a plea on behalf of your spouse should be done along with the visa application. This pertains to foreigners submitting a plea with relevant contact details, citizenship and financial status.

All of these are to make it possible for your spouse to join you in the United States. Also, if you are coming with children, your partner already in the United States should make plans for proof that financial capability is guaranteed.

Evidence of marriage / Marriage Certificate

A legitimate certificate from the country where the marriage took place should also be presented. You can also find your nation’s marriage evidence applicable as it suits you.

Although, being married to more than one wife only allows you to document for a spouse visa for the wife you married first.

Criminal record or Police report

From the legal administration of your country or the police headquarters, you should get a report. The police report will state that you have not and are not involved in any criminal activities. Hence, unlawful practices such as robbery, murder, and trafficking history can prevent you from getting a visa.

Birth certificate

A document of birth should be reflected in your submission. You can as well add that of your children as you desire since they would be travelling with you.
Furthermore, a court declaration of age counts as a valid submission to the U.S. embassy website and office.

Financial proof

Proof that you have enough funds to take care of yourself and pay basic charges in the United States till you are settled is required. Although this can be submitted with the petition form all that is relevant is that you have sufficient bank funds. This could be personal funds or funds from your sponsor.

Health examination

A health check from authorized hospitals and medical practitioners is recommended. You will have to show vaccination reports as due, especially in times when certain epidemics are on the rise.

Also, a head-to-toe examination for diseases will be done and you will get a report. You cannot open the report, the immigration officer does this first to ensure accuracy.

Statement of travel intention

Stating your reasons for travel in a letter is ideal. You need to identify that you have a partner and that your motive is to join them in the United States.

A detailed guide on how to apply for a U.S. spouse visa

The following are basic guides to applying for a U.S. spouse visa;

Step 1: Visit the United States Customs and Immigration Services website online;

The initial application for the U.S. spouse visa should be done online. This includes creating an account on the immigration website and submitting your information.

Step 2: Apply for a DS-260 immigrant visa form

First, when applying for an immigrant form you need to know that this takes more time compared to non-immigration. This is because you are travelling with the intention of staying there permanently.

Step 3: Select the K visa category for the spouse

U.S. immigration presents diverse categories of visas for your intentions. From the study, medical, tourist and so on which have sections but the spouse visa belongs to the K type.

Step 4: Input your details and complete the form online

Choosing to fill out the form online requires a strong internet connection, proper understanding and adherence to the instructions given. Also, you do not need to omit basic information because it affects the process.

Step 5: Pay your spouse’s visa fee

Payment for this U.S. spouse visa should be done online on the provided platform. You should get a notice of payment too.

Step 6: Schedule an appointment with the U.S. embassy

After completing the introductory steps, your next phase is outside your home. You will be given a date with the embassy to be able to have your fingerprints taken and submit other relevant documents as well.

Step 7: Attend your interview on the given date

A crucial phase is walking into the embassy and answering questions asked about your travel motives. Also, your spouse’s visa application will be further reviewed by immigration officials who will receive your biodata.

Step 8: Have biometrics taken

For identification and to clear out double applications on security terms, biometric capturing is also done at the embassy. Your fingerprints are linked to the immigration systems and stored.

Step 9: Wait to have your application processed

Processing times for the spouse visa vary depending on several factors. You are only required to wait until you receive a response to know the next thing to do. Ideally, a successful application does not always guarantee that you will get an immigrant visa sometimes.

Therefore, you need to be relaxed to note all details you get from the embassy. Applicants are always selected from the large lists of individuals applying for a visa.

Step 10: Receive your visa with your returned passport

Your visa is usually stamped on an empty page in your passport. Thus you will get an update to come for it when it is ready. Also, it can be mailed to you via postal order.

Some Reasons Why Your US Spouse Application May be denied

Can one be denied a U.S. spouse visa?

Yes, one can be denied a U.S. spouse visa because of the following;


All information about the spouse visa application has specific instructions attached to it. Therefore, ignoring vital steps can lead to a visa rejection from the U.S. embassy. The spouse visa application process is a fundamental one that must be duly followed from start to finish.

Inaccurate information

Providing data that is not factual especially on marriage, age and so on can lead to the spouse visa denial. As an applicant, you are always encouraged to submit only information that can be proven true.

Not attending your interview

Failure to attend an interview for whatever reason automatically would require you to wait a long time to reschedule. Thus, when you get a date for an interview at the embassy you only need to start preparing for this.

Moreover, striking out other plans just to create time for your interview is in your best interest.

Uploading the wrong document format

Scanning your records and updating all details on the immigration website is very important. However, you should do this carefully to avoid the rejection of your application.

False Claims

Presenting false information on funds, health, intention and many more is illegal. Therefore any false claim linked to your spouse’s visa application denies you a visa once the further investigation has been done.

Possession of a visa before

If you currently have a U.S. visa in another category, you cannot apply for a spouse visa as well. Moreover, doing this nullifies an already existing application or the intended one.

To avoid all of the above, you can easily find a travel agency to combine experience and reliability in helping you process the U.S. spouse visa. Thus, you can contact us for more information.

Things to note after a successful U.S. spouse visa application

On arrival in the United States, you need to know that you are just a temporary inhabitant until you process a permanent stay. This should be done within 60 days -90 days upon arrival.

Similarly, you should travel to the United States as soon as possible. Though you have been granted a visa, all information passed across to you on handling vital documents should be noted accordingly. First, your spouse in the United States should not be in another country when you are visiting but in the U.S. as a sponsor ready to welcome you in.

Address of U.S. Embassy in Nigeria

The U.S. Consulate General in Lagos
Address: 2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

The U.S embassy in Abuja
Address: Diplomatic Drive, Central District, Abuja.

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