Mackay Whale Watching Tours {Port McNeill BC}

Mackay Whale Watching Tours {Port McNeill BC}

Mackay Whale Watching Tours Port McNeill BC

Naiad Explorer Mackay Whale Watching

Naiad Explorer Mackay Whale Watching
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Experience Mackay Whale Watching Tours in Port McNeill British Columbia

If you are planning a visit to 🌲 Vancouver Island in the Province of British Columbia 🍁 Canada, I highly recommend putting 🐳 Mackay Whale Watching Tours, on your “Must Do” travel list.

Discover the Whales of Northern Vancouver Island

Mackay Whale Watching Tours Since 1981

Mackay Whale Watching Tours

The Mackay family are true pioneers in the whale watching industry, with well over 30 years of experience on the water.

A wonderful family owned business with a 🐳 whale watching tour that will leave you breathless, as you explore some of the most beautiful scenery found on the west coast!

The Mackay’s are professionals in the industry, and will do their best to find the best location for 🐳 whale watching and viewing of other sea animals, on the day of your tour.

We had a fabulous day aboard their specially designed whale watching 🛥 vessel, and truly was the highlight of our recent visit to Vancouver Island.

Check out my brief 📹 video, showing a few clips of our day at sea with the Mackay’s.

Don’t forget to turn your speakers up! 🔊

Mackay Whale Watching Tours – YouTube Video


Enjoy Port McNeill British Columbia

Mackay Whale Watching Logo

Situated just to the south of the City of Port Hardy (approximately 44 kilometers), located on the north tip of Vancouver Island, Port McNeill is a tiny 🎣 fishing and 🌲 forestry industry community, with a population of around 2700.

For outdoor enthusiasts, this town has it all!

From 🚣 kayaking, 🤿 scuba diving, 🎣 fishing, to world famous 🐻 grizzly bear and 🐳 whale watching tours, there’s always something in this northern community for you to enjoy.

The town is referred to as the …

“Gateway To The Broughton Archipelago”

For us, it was the excitement of taking an exclusive non overly touristy and remote whale watching excursion. An experience well away from the big city tours and crowded tours.

We were not disappointed and our tour and day out on the water was – Amazing!

All Aboard Mackay’s Naiad Explorer

Naiad Explorer Makay Whale Watching Tours

Captain Bill and Daughter Nicole Mackay, are the friendliest and most knowledgeable people you will find.

Both were so knowledgeable and always eager to assist and answer any questions guests may have during the tour.

Mackay Whale Watching Tours Crew

The comfortable 🛳 Naiad Explorer is not too big and not too small, just perfect in size for this type of adventure!

In fact, the Mackay family had this vessel built specifically for – whale watching tours. It is the most innovative, certified passenger vessel on the west coast.

⚓ A seventeen meter craft that is equipped with – Arneson drives (a surface-piercing propeller system), making it silent underwater.

Orca Whale Port McNeill BC

This means sea life cannot hear the Naiad Explorer approaching, and will not scare them away because of the noise of the engines.

This makes for spectacular close up viewing of whales and other creatures of the sea!

On board, is also an acoustic listening device (hydrophone) for underwater listening.

At one point when we were dead stopped to view a few Orca, or commonly known as – Killer Whales, we were actually able to hear the sounds they make underwater.

It just added to the thrill and excitement of watching these beautiful creatures, up close and personal!

A Great Day Whale Watching

Sea Lions British Columbia

The Mackay’s offer a full 5 hour tour, including a light lunch and snacks. Your captain will set off from the dock in any direction, heading to the last known sightings of whales recently reported.

The ocean is huge and there is no guarantee whales will be found, but with Captain Mackay behind the wheel and his years of experience, your chances are excellent!

Captain Bill Mackay Whale Watching Tour

From Humpback and Orca Whales, Sea Lions and Sea Otters, your chances of experiencing the west coasts sea life in this area of British Columbia, are excellent!

During the voyage you will pass by some of the most beautiful northern coastal scenery to be found, making for excellent 📸 picture opportunities.

As well, there’s plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors while at sea!

Mackay Whale Watching Tours Staff

The crew and captain are the most friendly and knowledgeable you will find in the industry and when whales are spotted, they can actually tell you who the whale is, how old and from what family of whales they come from.


BC Whale Watching with Mackay

Lighthouse Vancouver Island

With 🍁 Canada Marine Safety Qualified Experienced Captains operating a state of the art vessel for these waters, rest assured your tour will be as safe and comfortable as it possibly can be.

Final Thoughts Banner

We had wonderful time and experience with the captain, crew and other passengers on our day aboard the Naiad Explorer.

We can’t wait to experience this whale watching adventure in this part of 🍁 Beautiful British Columbia again!

Tours run daily from June to October and reservations are highly recommended well in advance, do to the popularity of this type of outdoor adventure on Vancouver Island during these months.

Below, I have listed the official website to Mackay Tours, where you can access much more detailed information on their tours, prices, reservations and much more.

MACKAY Whale Watching

🐳   Mackay Tours

I’ve also listed the 🏞 Official British Columbia Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. I’ve directed the link to their page on Vancouver Island.

It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful part of British Columbia has to offer.

Super Natural British Columbia Logo

🌲   Hello BC Tourism – Vancouver Island


😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“Jade Became The Official Mineral Emblem Of British Columbia, Canada Back In 1968.”


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