Things to Know About ICU Travel Nursing Jobs

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Demands for nurses are increasing due to the pandemic situation that is happening for a year now. That’s why hiring travel nurses has become popular. Travel nurses are nurses coming from different states and are being assigned to different places to cover the demands that each State needs. Travel nurse agencies also continue to grow since they act as bridges between nurses and medical facilities. Just like now ICU travel nursing jobs are also being offered by travel nurse agencies to ICU nurses. As we know in ICU patients need high quality of care, and they need nurses to fulfill these duties. To motivate more ICU travel nurses here are some information they need to know:

ICU Travel Nurses Get Higher Pay

The rate for ICU  RN travel jobs ranges from $2,900 to $3,600 a week, this is bigger compared with regular ICU nurses. Pay is higher since their special skills are needed to be able to meet the demands of the patient’s condition. Working at an intensive care unit is not an easy job, it requires training and knowledge to be able to fulfill the duties of an ICU travel nurse. 

Types of ICU Travel Nurse

  • CVICU Travel Nurse

Nurses in CVICU are assigned to monitor and give attention to patients recovering from heart surgeries and heart transplants. The heart is one of the most sensitive organs of the body that’s why extra care is needed for patients who have undergone heart surgeries. As a CVICU travel nurse, you don’t only have to care for them physically but also emotionally and sometimes even have to share compassion with their families. That’s why every CVICU travel nurse deserves good pay. 

  • Critical Care Travel Nurse

Critical care travel nurses are assigned to patients with severe illnesses and life-threatening ones. Patients here require advanced care so certification is needed to prove that you have passed the assessment to work with critically ill patients. 

  • Neuro ICU Travel Nurse Jobs

Nurses in the Neuro ICU department are responsible for taking care of adult neuro patients who need complex assessments, high-intensity therapies, and interventions. This type of nursing job also requires specialization and training. Travel ICU RN is one of the highest-paid travel nursing jobs. 

These are just a few ICU travel nurse jobs that get good compensation. Other expertise are also open for hiring depending on the needs of the medical facilities. 

Housing is Free

Working outside your residence is not only getting separated from your family but your home as a whole. Having a place to stay while working can avoid you from getting homesick. Travel nurse agencies offer housing for free to their travel nurses since they know the hardship of being away from home. 


Health and life insurance are provided for ICU  travel nurses since their jobs have a higher risk and with their work schedules, they are more prone to getting sick. These insurances can help them be secured when they need financial assistance when unexpected things will occur. Being secured can help them get less worried about their future. 

Flexible Work Assignments 

Each assignment may last for thirteen weeks but will depend on the need of the medical facilities, especially for ICU travel nurses. The good part is you can take a break after each assignment to be able to refresh your body and mind to get ready for another work assignment. This is one of the reasons nurses are motivated to work as travel nurses, they can be able to work and have pleasure at the same time. They can travel to other States or even other countries without spending much but instead even earning more. 

Deciding to get an ICU travel nursing jobs will not be easy but being able to have all the benefits you can get will be worth it to start your adventure. If you are an ICU nurse start building up your portfolio to be ready to work as an ICU travel nurse. By getting your Registered nurse license, one or two years experience in an ICU facility will be best, and earn a certificate on your expertise then you will be ready to become one. Travel nursing jobs can be a gateway to exercise your profession while enjoying traveling to different places.