Tips For Travelling to Bhutan

Travelling to Bhutan is impossible without the best travel insurance policy you can afford. This is because it is a unique country and does not offer special facilities for tourists in any way shape or form. There are very limited medical treatment facilities and in the event of an accident or illness, it is more than likely that you will need to be transported to another country.

The costs involved of course can be prohibitive, that’s why it is wise to get several travel insurance quotes before you finalise your plans.

With that having been said, a trip to Bhutan will be the experience of a lifetime. Bhutan is a country that has been virtually untouched by the West and has only recently opened its doors. The government is still quite restrictive however and you will be forced to travel in a group if you want to visit anywhere of interest.

This will limit your choices to some extent but there are still other ways you can save money when travelling in Bhutan.

1)Air travel.

The only truly effective way to save money on their fares travelling to Bhutan is to book with a guide who will package your accommodation and air fares into one. There are strict government controls on tourism and travel in general throughout Bhutan so you are going to have to use a guide at some stage.

2) Accommodation.

If you are hell-bent on travelling independently, you will have great difficulty as there are several government restrictions on how and where you can travel in Bhutan. A group tour is still the cheapest way you can see the country, and this includes accommodation. There are very few reliable reports available on other accommodation options, such as staying with a local family, so unless you want to be the first to provide the review you’re better off booking a group tour.

3)Food and drink.

Food and drink are plentiful in Bhutan although the cuisine is very simple. Restaurants do not really exist; there are simply outlets where you can buy food. The cost is minimal and the food is tasty, but you will receive much better value in designated hotels which cater for visitors in a more expansive fashion. You should avoid drinking the local water however as you can easily pick up a bacterial infection, so make sure your holiday insurance policy covers you in this regard.

4)Getting around.

In Bhutan, getting around is almost impossible without being a member of an authorised group so there is no point trying to save money by travelling on local transport. It is difficult to be sure of your destination and there may be problems with getting back in time.

5)Silverware and other trinkets.

Surprisingly, there is a fairly wide choice when it comes to gifts for the folks back home. You will find an array of unusual trinkets made by local craftspeople and the cost will be well within anyone’s budget. This is one area where you should avoid hotel for years where they will try to sell you the same items at considerably higher prices.

Bhutan is an unusual and beguiling destination where budgetary concerns are not as much of an issue because of government controls.

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