A majority of the people are already aware and are conversant with what upvc and double glazed windows are, but only a few know about triple glazing windows. We are going to look at all the facts about triple glazing in this article. You should note that builders and homeowners have recently been under pressure to make a change to tripled-glazed windows. But is it really sensible? And what exactly is triple glazing?

Basically, triple glazing adds one pane to two other glass panes with an inert gas like argon gas inserted in between the panes spaces. The concept here is that the multi-layered glass will prevent heat loss which results in your gas bill lowering during the cold winter months. Doubled glazed windows can also prevent heat loss and achieve the same goal, but triple glazing supporters are adamant that having three panes is always better as compared to two.

But actually, opinions are very much divided. Experts have also had their say and determined that for triple glazed windows to actually work, the filler gas used should be krypton instead of argon with the frame being insulated as well. Without which, there won’t be any difference when it comes to the utility bills you save.

Triple Glazing Costs & Guide

Did you know that using triple glazed windows can significantly lower your energy bills while making the workplace or home safer, quieter and warmer? A 2 bedroomed home typically goes for around 2,500 quid. Depending on the Upvc frame material prices can vary substantively. (Aluminium and UPVc are the standard options.

If you’re installing triple glazed windows in a 15 window 4 bedroom house, expect to dish out around 6,500 – 8,000 quid depending on the profiles and frames.

Should I use triple-glazed windows?

Well, that depends on whether you love your home ultra-quiet and want energy-efficient windows. If you expect that the windows are going to pay for themselves, think again since the savings you make will culminate over the years rather than the short term. But if you want to replace your windows with triple glazed ones, then the cost is comparable to that of double glazed units.

There’s no reason for not triple glazing your windows if you want to. Just ensure that the installation is done professionally. Do a Google search for ‘triple glazed windows’ plus your local and you’ll get a list of professionals to choose from.

What if I already have double glazed windows?

Can you turn double glazed windows into triple glazed? Some businesses provide that sort of service. Ensure you have researched at least three companies before deciding on which service provider to hire. Costs are varying, which is why we can’t tell you the exact figure but what’s for sure is that it’s going to cost money, though not as much as installing new windows – we recommend this double glazing company in Newbury.

In summation, triple glazing remains a fancy prospect for most homeowners, so it can be shrewd thinking about it first.