If it’s high time you actually implemented your plan to change your name legally, do not procrastinate anymore. Gear up to take the right measures to get your name changed officially- something you’ve wanted to do all along. For that, apply for a Deed Poll instead of approaching lawyers or going to courts to get your name changed. With a  Deed Poll, you can be sure you are on the right track as it is a cent per cent legal process valid everywhere. Hiring lawyers or visiting courts is expensive, time-consuming as well as inconvenient. A Deed Poll, on the other hand, is a government-registered document that authorises the use of a new name by a person. You can capitalise on this facility and get your name changed easily, quickly and lawfully by opting for a Deed Poll.

Quick Processing and Delivery of Name Change Documents

Getting your name changed by Deed Poll is not only easy but also a quick process. You don’t have to wait for days for your Deed Poll if you apply through the UK Deed Poll Office. In fact, you can receive your Deed Poll in two days after your application. For that, you just need to:

  •         Order your Deed Poll on a weekday before 3.00 p.m.
  •         Be physically present at the time of delivery of the documents
  •         Request your witness to be present to have all copies officially witnessed

Role of a Witness in Completing Your Name Change Procedure Legally

The UK Deed Poll Office leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your Deed Poll is lawfully valid. For that, you have to request a qualified person to act as a witness when you sign your Deed Poll. Your witness should be:

Ø  a resident of the U.K.

Ø  at least 18 years old

Ø  known closely to you could be your:

  •         Friend
  •         Neighbour
  •         Colleague
  •         Any professional

Ø  in good health, not afflicted by any deficiency or disorder of the mind

You cannot have a relative, roommate, partner or someone you live with as your witness.

Your witness has to be alongside you when your Deed Poll and other documents are delivered to you.

Your witness will be countersigning and witnessing your Deed Poll. Hence, she/ he must be fully aware of the purpose of witnessing and signing your Deed Poll. Explain the importance of the legal document to your witness and inform that it is legally binding. For that, you can tell the witness to read up the relevant details beforehand to be satisfied before signing it.

Additionally, hand over one of the attested copies of your documents to your witness. It’s always better if someone else has a copy of your crucial documents apart from you. Also, your witness will feel confident and secure to have a copy in possession as evidence.

Thousands of people have changed their names successfully by using Deed Poll by now. You can also realise your aim of getting a new name you’ve desired all along and started afresh.