Holiday Packages – A Comfortable Companion for Journeys

Usually holiday packages include transport and accommodation sold together by the package operator. It may even include additional services like a rental cab service and other outing activities. In most cases the packaged holidays are sold to a consumer through a travel agent by the tour operator. The history of holiday packages began with Thomas cook in July 5, 1841.The Company made heavy growth from there onwards, which in the post world war periods started foreign tours. It was Horizon Holiday Group, which pioneered the first mass package holidays abroad with charter flights in 1950. The numbers of consumers opting for holidays packages are getting reduced with many are booking their own accommodation. The UK holiday package market is now dominated by a few large tour operators.

After a clear shift is seen on most of the travelers switching to self-service internet websites, there has been a decrease in the number of travel agents. Since 1995, only a few new agents have entered the industry. And those who stayed here are finding it a tough time to survive.

Types of Agencies:

Generally there exist three different types of agencies; Multiples, Miniples and Independent Agencies. Multiple Agencies are national chains owned by international conglomerates. Independent Agencies usually focus on the needs of residents in an up market suburb. There are so many criticisms against travel agencies starting from ‘racking’. The agencies offering holiday packages will display the brochures of those holidays that will pay them the bigger commission which may be an unpleasant experience for the visitor.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in availing the help of holiday packages. But proper information must be gathered before opting for holiday packages to avoid later disappointments.

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