Kayak.com Review 2022: Is Kayak Legit?

Is Kayak legit? How reliable is the site? If you are planning your next business trip or vacation, you need the best site to help you with that. Check out this Kayak.com review for everything you need to know about the site.

Currently, the tourism industry is worth over $1.2 trillion. And, over $517 billion worth of travel bookings is made online each year. This means that there are numerous online travel booking sites to help cover this huge travel demand.

But how do you know the best site to use? How do you find the best travel deals? Travel agencies and travel comparison sites are your best option.

If you’ve ever booked a trip online, you’ve probably come across the travel agency Kayak.com. It’s one of the most popular travel comparison sites and agencies on the internet.

However, for people who have not used the platform, a few questions will always come up. For instance, is Kayak legit? How does the platform work? Is Kayak reliable?

Well, the truth is Kayak is a legit and reliable site – it’s gotten as popular as it is for a reason! But, we intend to take an in-depth review of this website to determine whether it’s worth your time.

Let’s get started.

What is Kayak.com?

travel planning with Kayak

Kayak.com is a booking and price comparison travel website. It is a one-stop shop for travelers looking for affordable travel deals. In essence, the website gives you price comparisons to enable you to make the best choice possible for accommodation, flights, and rental car prices.

Since Kayak partners with different websites, users get to find the best available deals using this one website. It eliminates the need to browse 100s of websites looking for the best price. This is because the website pulls data from different websites, offering it on one convenient site.

In this Kayak.com review, you will learn everything about the travel website, including how to make the best use of the site.

How Did Kayak.com Start?

Kayak company was started in 2004 by Steve Hafner and Paul M. English after discovering the enormous need for a comparison travel website. After almost 10 years, the website was acquired by Booking Holdings in 2013 and continues to grow to date.

Over the years, it has stuck to its mission of offering the lowest travel price possible. Recently the company launched an app version of the website to improve the user experience for mobile users.

How Does Kayak Work?

The website has a search bar on top where you add all the relevant information of what you are searching for. After entering all the data, the search results will show you all the available flight or hotel options. You will also get price comparisons to help you make the right choice depending on your budget.

Also, apart from getting price comparisons, Kayak.com has a trip planner that simplifies your planning process. With the Kayak trip planner, you can track the prices and also save searches to help you make the best decision.

Generally, the website has features to help you book flights, hotels, car hire, and even determine the best flight schedule. This means that you can plan your entire trip from one website and get the best business or vacation packages.

It’s no secret that trip planning can be quite stressful. Therefore, having one place to plan everything can be helpful.

Tips on Using Kayak.com to Book Flights and Hotels

1. Protect your Data

Data is the new gold in the modern era. When using Kayak.com or any other website you need to protect your data at all costs.

At some point, you might be required to fill out some personal details and billing information. Only answer what the website asks you to provide. If you feel that something is fishy, log out of the website and start the process again.

2. Check Out for Suspicious Emails

After signing up for Kayak you might start receiving emails. It is your responsibility to check out suspicious emails so that you do not fall for scams.

As a rule of thumb, do not open any suspicious links that come into your inbox. Your email might do a good job at filtering out the spam email, but you are still likely to receive some in your inbox. Read carefully to separate the genuine promotional emails and the spam mail.

3. Do Some Additional Research

Kayak is a good travel website for price comparison, as well as for booking rental cars, hotels rooms, and flights. However, it is not the only website that you can use. It is advisable to use it as a guide but still reference other websites for further information and clarification if you need second opinions.

For instance, if you find a hotel that you like, you can go to their website for more information or pictures. You can also read real Kayak reviews from users to help you make the right decision.

Sometimes the pictures or information on the Kayak website might be outdated.  So, it’s always a good idea to do some additional research.

4. Read Kayak Reviews

Reading the website’s reviews is important before making a decision. What other travelers have to say about destinations and services might help you make better decisions about bookings.

How to Book Kayak.Com Flights

Booking flights with Kayak is easy. The website uses powerful software that updates flight information fast and accurately. It compares air tickets from hundreds of airlines making it is easy to find the cheapest Kayak airline tickets available.

Kayak is one of the most transparent flight booking websites according to various Kayak flight reviews. It shows you both main cabin seats and basic-economy seats that are not assigned until check-in.

The basic economy seats are affordable but less convenient because of the last-minute booking. But, you can always get a cheap Kayak ticket by selecting the basic economy seats.

Here are some tips to help you with Kayak flight booking:

  • Tailor the search results – it is advisable to tailor the search results to fit your needs when finding flights. Start by calculating the baggage fees in case you will be carrying heavy items. It is also advisable to set the price to the maximum budget so that you can only find flights within your price range. Filtering the results accordingly will help you find the best deals.
  • Take advantage of hacker fares – hacker fares are flight fares from two different airlines for a return flight. The advantage of using hacker fares is to save cost. Most of the time the flight fees are lower compared to using the same airline.
  • Check the map for pricing– the recommended flights on the map are great for getting the best offers. If you are not traveling on a specific day you can use the map to see the cheapest prices. On some days the flights are cheaper than on others.
  • Have options – Kayak is a good website for price comparison as it makes everything easy for you when planning your trip. However, do not just rely on one website. Try and look elsewhere and counter-check to see whether the information is accurate. Sometimes the website has old information that has not been updated for a while.

How to Book Kayak.com Hotels

kayak stays

The Kayak travel website has many options for hotel booking. On the search bar, you can filter the search results to find exactly what you are looking for. Some options show you the kind of amenities, ambiance, neighborhood, score, and other factors.

You will also find the option to track prices so that you can book when the prices are favorable. The search bar for hotels and the one for flights are similar. They allow you to narrow down your options.

By using the hacker stays feature you can get the best price for your hotel. The Kayak website will compare prices offered by different hotels to help you get the best prices.

Is Kayak Legit? Why Use it to Plan your Next Trip?

1. Get the Cheapest Prices

Kayak helps you to get the cheapest prices available on the internet. Unlike other travel websites, the Kayak website is a search engine so it gives you a breakdown of all the prices from other websites. And to make it even easy for you, the website highlights the cheapest price in green.

Being able to get the cheapest price can help you save significantly on your trip without browsing hundreds of websites. The Kayak website was specifically set for price comparison so it does a great job to give you the cheapest travel prices available in the market.

2. Save Time on Trip Planning

Planning a trip can take time especially when you have to book flights, hotels, and car rentals. Fortunately, the website helps you to save time because everything is done from one place. It has features to help you find prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals without visiting multiple websites.

The fact that it is a one-stop shop for everything you need for your trip, makes it one of the best websites for trip planning. You save time on trip planning and also get the best deals without too much searching.

3. User Friendly

Kayak stands out for being a user-friendly travel site. It has easy-to-use features that are attractive to a beginner, which also helps you to save time.

If you are a mobile user, they have an app version that is easy to use just like the website. The app was recently launched but it is still as good as the website for mobile users. Even if you are not internet savvy, you will enjoy and have an easy time on the website.

4. Useful Tools

The website has several useful tools that make planning your trip easy. Firstly, they have a price monitoring tool that helps you monitor the prices over time so that you can choose the best price available.

You also get a tool that helps you to upload your whole itinerary to the website. This helps you to get the best deals depending on where you will stay. Even better, they have tools that allow you to save your searches so that you do not have to keep going back to the search engine.

The plenty of tools makes using the website easy and convenient.

5. Reliable Information

Reliable information is crucial when planning for travel. Kayak offers you timely and accurate information, and they are always updating deals and prices. With reliable information, you can make the right decision and budget accordingly.

Also to make the website as reliable as possible, they have a price predictor and price alerts to notify you of new prices. Their high-tech software makes uploading and searching data very fast. They also use dynamic maps to get locations.

6. Safe

Kayak is committed to keeping you safe when using the website. They guarantee you safety by first making sure that all the data that you provide is safe and secure.

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Downsides of Using the Kayak

Kayak Does not Guarantee the Lowest Prices

Kayak has a clause that does not guarantee the lowest price. They strive to help you find the lowest prices but it is not always a guarantee. That means if you can search alternative flight prices online and find something lower, they do not take any liability.

But this does not mean that the Kayak website is not effective. The website is effective but it might not always be conclusive. We have other websites available out there that will give you more details to help you find the lowest prices.

Is Kayak legit?

So, what is the conclusion about the website? Is Kayak legit? Absolutely yes!

Firstly, it gives you up-to-date information to help you book and plan your trip.

Using Kayak will help you to find low travel rates for hotels and flights. However, you are not always guaranteed of getting the lowest prices available. It is thus advisable to do your research to help you find the lowest prices from other sites like Google flights search.

This travel search engine has been in use for the longest time and thousands of Kayak.com reviews indicate that it’s legit. And, while it might also have its drawbacks, like any other site, this doesn’t imply that it’s not legit.

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  • Get the cheapest prices
  • Save time on trip planning
  • User friendly
  • Features useful tools
  • Provide reliable information


  • It is not a booking site
  • Does not guarantee the lowest prices
  • No customer service

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