Main difference between Viral Launch and Helium 10

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Which One Should You Choose In 2022?

The precision of the data, particularly with regard to sales projections and the precise numbers of search term volumes is the main distinction between Viral Launch and Helium 10. All other tools’ data is too incorrect to be of any value. You should know about viral launch vs helium 10. A complete tool for Amazon sellers is Helium 10. It has a tons more features than Viral Launch, including product listings, a keyword research tool, Cerebro, and many others. The key distinctions between Viral Launch and Helium 10 are:

  • Viral Launch lacks the ability to calculate the amount you are owed in refunds for broken products you acquired through FBA, but Helium 10 has a function called Refund Genie.
  • Helium 10 does not offer a free split testing tool like Viral Launch does, but anyone can use it to split test and enhance their listings.
  • In contrast to Viral Launch, Helium 10 offers an Inventory Protector feature that protects your stuff from coupon stackers and dishonest competitors.
  • Viral Launch does not provide a gratis plan; Helium 10 does.

Overview of Helium10 and Viral launch

Helium 10 is a collection of potent software tools, the majority of which contain dozens of tools that let Amazon marketers quickly look up keyword rankings, market trends, and rivals while also modifying product listings. so that you can increase sales. By examining and validating these ideas for greater information, anyone may utilize Helium 10 to find product ideas and expand their market.

There are essentially more than ten Amazon research tools that can assist you in generating large income without having to spend additional funds. Finding tools like black boxes, X-rays, magnets, and other equipment is made simpler with Helium 10 Tool suite. Ideal for quickly skimming search results pages and conducting keyword research on Amazon which is similar to Jungle Scout Chrome Extension but with a wealth of helpful and reliable data.

Which things sell the most on Amazon, do you think?

You can look for private label products on Amazon using the Helium 10 product search engine. You can narrow your search by niche, price range, category preferences, and more. You can use the fundamental criteria to look for new product opportunities in particular categories as well as monthly sales projections, pricing, sizes, and photos. Advanced filters in Helium 10 enable users to look for fresh product concepts based on yearly patterns and other information.

Press Search after choosing your search parameters for amazingly quick results. Each product profile includes crucial details about the product that all sellers desire to know, such as the monthly sale and the number of rival companies who are currently selling it. When combined with the capabilities of the Helium 10 Chrome extension page, the list page is incredibly useful once you’ve found a product that piques your curiosity. You may store your setup as a project on Helium 10 and even give it a special identification title if you want to repeat the same search often without modifying the filters. Simply load your saved project to restart the search in the same setup.

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