Reasons To Seek The Services Of A Nanny

Nannies have many years of experience in taking care of kids. Furthermore, they are trained in other areas (may it be educational or professional), which helps enhance their overall skills. In fact, many of them are trained to offer first aid to kids and infants. Let’s also not forget that many nannies have kids of their own and choose to work as nannies so that they can provide for their young ones.

You may want to consider the different advantages for au pairs compared to nannies.

They Are Available For Long-Term Commitments

A majority of overseas nannies stay with their families for a period of at least 2 years. There are cases where they have stayed for longer. Employing a nanny for a long time offers both you and your kids the much-needed continuity as well as comfort. It does also help in achieving a comfortable childcare arrangement.


Flexibility is infarct one of the main reasons families consider a nanny, especially when it comes to making a decision when hiring a nanny in the first place. This is fully understandable; it is challenging to raise kids while working a full-time job. However, through the services of a nanny, parents are awarded flexibility compared to day-cares.

The best thing is that you can create a nanny schedule based on your schedule. This is because the nanny job is a week-to-week schedule type of job, which means they can adapt their schedule to free-up yours as the parent.

When paying your nanny you can use a gross v net nanny salary calculator to help work out what their monthly pay will be.


Another benefit of hiring a nanny is their ability to help in housework. Their services are not comparable to a babysitter’s job or any other form of childcare service. As such, when hiring a nanny, you can assign them basic house chores, like cleaning, preparing meals, general house maintenance, play area maintenance, and much more.

Their Ability To Live-In

When a nanny is living-in, it is not only convenient for them, but also to you as the parent. It helps create a strong bond between your family and the nanny. This gives your kids another adult who they can trust and rely on and keep them safe.

Maintaining Your Home

Imagine how frustrating it can be when walking into your homes after work to find your home is dirty. On the other hand, imagine the vice vasa? Truly it creates a happy feeling. Every parent’s happiness is finding their kids happy and healthy at the end of the day. Adding this to a clean home makes a parent overjoyed.

They Can Take On The Role Of A Date Night Babysitter

Dates nights may not be enjoyable, especially if you have a babysitter that one does not know well. However, with a nanny, you eliminate the need to call a part-time or casual babysitter to watch your children before going to a dinner date.

They Are Affordable

Many people think that daycare services are cheaper than hiring a nanny. Well, this is far from the truth. When it comes to daycare, you have to pay per child. However, with a nanny, there are no-such payments. Furthermore, if you miss a day of daycare because of an unavoidable circumstance such as sickness, the daycare will still charge you. With a nanny, you will not experience such things; they will be available to take care of the child even when they are sick.

They Offer One-On-One Attention

The chances of a child getting one-on-one attention are high when looked after by a nanny. Even though daycares offer a social aspect, which is appealing, a child may feel neglected. That is because they may lack one-on-one child attention.

They Can Be Like An Extended Family Member

If you ask around, you will find many success stories of families whose relationships with their nannies were strong and lasted a lifetime.

“Your nanny loves your kids the same as you love them, and she will do anything to make them happy, healthy, and secure,” said Julia Quinn-Szcesuil. as such, by treating your nanny as a member of your family member, they become family.