Small Luxury Hotel of the World Lands in Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has slowly risen and become one of the top destinations in the Asia Pacific region. And since it has become a tourist destination, the country’s hospitality industry has reaped the benefits of having non-stop incoming visitors coming to their hotels. This influx is what the Small Luxury Hotel of the World wants to take advantage off. And what better way for them to do just that than by establishing its Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore.

Known for its wide network of hotels, the Small Luxury Hotel of the World is a club that provides it members with extra perks and benefits every time they stay in one of the company’s listed hotels. This includes complementary breakfast for two, late checkouts, a room upgrade, VIP service, rooms designed to suit their tastes, and the use of its club concierge. By providing these benefits, the club aims to make the stay of its members in their hotels more pleasant and enjoyable.

The Small Luxury Hotel of the World currently has a total of 508 hotels tucked under its belt. Each hotel has an average of 49 rooms that can be used by its various club members. And despite being hit by the recession, the company was able to increase its number of assets last year, including having two set up in Japan.

So why choose Singapore? Well, according to Small Luxury Hotel of the World CEO Paul Kerr, they feel that by setting up this new regional office, the company gets to establish itself just like it did in the United States. It also helps increase their portfolio of hotels in the Asia Pacific market. But most important of all, the new regional office will help them cater both to the hotels under their banner as well as their members.

Also, the opening of its regional office in Singapore is the company’s way of extending its foothold into the Asia Pacific Region. It joins the other offices set up in Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Thanks to this new addition, the Small Luxury Hotel of the World not only gets to bolster its huge number of hotels under their banner, it also helps their plans of expansion even further.

Now to ensure that the new regional office succeeds, the Small Luxury Hotel of the World has placed key officials to help operations run smoothly. This includes having Mark Wong as the office’s Area Director and Brandon Chang as its Director of Sales. Joining them will be the club’s PR Manager for the Asia Pacific Region, Bryony Gammon.

Given its current success, the set up of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World’s new regional office in Singapore does not come as a surprise. It was only a matter of time. But that is not the important part here. Aside from expansion, what makes the establishment of this new office vital is that the club’s members can now expect more hotels to be added to the list of places they can stay in and enjoy.

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