The Amazon Rainforest: Plan for an Eco-Friendly Tour

Ecuador is a beautiful Central American country that is a home to an array of exotic flora and fauna. This place boasts of the Amazon Rainforest that covers almost 40% of the region. The biodiversity is ranging from 1,200 butterfly species, half of the world’s bird species, mammals, and reptiles to wonderful marine life. The Amazon Rainforest covers approximately 5% of the total surface of the Earth. The rainforest covers the land of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. The diversity of life is also a major concern to protect and preserve from continuous degradation due to human activities.

In order to preserve Ecuador and its natural diversity, it is being protected now and proper guidelines are set for the tourists to reduce the impact on rainforests. However, tourism in Ecuador is not only bringing thousands of vacationers but is also bringing a lot of dollars that are being used to preserve forest and fund ecotourism ventures.

Such eco-tourism tours have become popular among vacationers too as they are also eager to leave the minimum footprint on Ecuador. There are many accommodation options like Kapawi Ecolodge, Black Sheep Inn, Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve etc. that have made arrangements to reduce the impact on land. Many vacationers are planning to book accommodation in eco-lodges to experience something new and refreshing in their vacation trip.

When you are booking eco-friendly tours in Ecuador, you must consult with travel advisors about eco-friendly accommodation options. You can also enquire about energy and waste management to ensure that they are likely to take steps for the betterment of environment. You can also know about their green initiatives during your trip to Ecuador. Even if you are not planning to live in eco-lodges, you can at least ensure to leave the minimum impact on this naturally diverse region.

There are also indigenous tribes that are playing an active role in ecotourism. They are acting as guides for vacationers to help them know the best possible ways to protect the environment from depletion. While you are booking a tour to Ecuador, you can seek all the necessary information about eco-friendly tours so that you can enjoy maximum without leaving anything behind in Ecuador. However, you would leave this place in taking a lot of rain forest along with you as memories.

So, don’t miss the chance of experiencing something special in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador this season with your loves ones!

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