The Best of the Old Country: Ireland Guest Homes and Accommodations

Ireland is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. It is a land of history, mystery and of course, the best whisky in the world. Different activities are available for you around the country with one thing in common everywhere, excellent accommodations for the duration of your stay. Whether you want to see the modern or the historic Ireland, they surely know how to take care of you.

Budget is not a problem while traveling in Ireland; there are accommodations and activities for every budget and need. Guest Homes are one of the options tourists and visitors favor. They are mostly large country or city homes owned by nobles that have been modified and turned into small hotels. Most have them have between eight and twenty rooms, which permits them to serve and attend to all their guest’s whims and desires.

Large bedrooms with huge fireplaces that once were used by the rich and famous of Ireland, today serve visitors and tourists. The buildings are all original and many are more than one hundred or two hundred years old. Expert engineers and designers have made it possible to keep the old beautiful constructions and have only added today’s commodities. WI-FI is available everywhere, cable television, heaters and air conditioning units are discreetly hidden so they will not interfere with the historic grand designs.

Many of these are found in the country where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of farm life or in small towns and villages where you can sit with the locals before a glass of Irish whiskey and enjoy the tales of leprechauns and fairies. Beautiful sunsets over the ocean and the sounds of the breaking surf are free and always present. Ireland is a place of contrasts where you can go to a bar and enjoy modern music and share with the younger generations and two, three blocks away enter an Old Inn where you can sit with the older generations and talk about the weather and the wars.

There is a little of everything where ever you go, if you go east you find rivers and mountains where you can fish salmon and cook it yourself, if you go south you have beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes, north takes you to a cold water ocean that changes the coast line every day. Finally a trip west will take you through rolling hills besides the ocean where golf is played every day and Irish whisky is made for the world to enjoy.

A place where you can find accommodations fit for a king with spas and eighteen hole golf courses and rooms in an operating farm where you can get the healthiest and grandest breakfast you will ever eat. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Ireland and it can be done with a large or small budget, from rolling prairies to cliffs overlooking the ocean, Ireland has it all. Visitors are welcome all year round. The Irish are proud of their land and their history, they want to share it with you and with anybody else who cares to visit them and listen to their never ending stories.

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