The best places to see wildlife in the UK - Telegraph

The United Kingdom is home to a broad range of species owing to the unique combination of woods, marshland, mountains, and expansive coastline. They’re all right here, from awe-inspiring birds of prey and adorable puffins to stunning red squirrels and bashful badgers.

Provided you know where to go, you’ll be able to observe a broader and more fascinating range of species, as well as the chance to explore the best outdoor activities in the UK. From wildlife-watching around the British Isles to marvelling at the sight of dolphins in New Quay – the selection of these exciting experiences is endless.

  1. Northern Gannets At Bass Rock

The steep, dark cliffs of Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, appear to be blanketed in snow. However, closer inspection reveals a swarm of northern gannets, one of the largest seabirds in the UK, with the ability to dive into the water from extraordinary heights. More than 150,000 people set up camp on this volcanic island between February and October, right before the gannets set off for Africa’s west coast. 

Around 60% of Europe’s gannets live in Scotland, and from February onwards, they return to major breeding locations along the coast, including the world’s largest colony of Northern gannets, Bass Rock. Large breeding colonies have been created near Troup Head, St Kilda, and the Northern Isles, and these seabirds prefer coastal cliffs and secluded islands. 

  1. Ospreys At Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Due to hunting and habitat destruction, ospreys became extinct in England in the 19th century. In the 1950s, they made a natural recovery in Scotland and were later brought to Rutland Water Nature Reserve, where they have prospered since 2001, when the first healthy chick hatched, over 150 of these birds of prey have fledged from nests in the area. 

The osprey’s major stronghold in the UK is Scotland where you can find several nest sites with public viewing areas. There are two pairs in Wales with viewing facilities after it began breeding in England in 2001 at Bassenthwaite in Cumbria, at Rutland Water. During spring and autumn migration, they can be spotted at practically any big body of freshwater. 

  1.  Bottlenose Dolphins In New Quay

Cardigan Bay is home to Britain’s largest resident population of dolphins, and a glimpse is nearly certain if you visit the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre in New Quay, Wales. In the summer, you might be able to spot them while sea kayaking. Otherwise, charter boats cruising into Cardigan Bay are most likely to give you a glimpse of them and other marine animals such as harbour porpoises, Atlantic grey seals, razorbills, and guillemots breaking the surface. The dolphins may occasionally leap clear of the surface, ostensibly simply for the pleasure of it, which is a sight not to be missed. 

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