Winter is the perfect time to start planning your summer holidays. Road trips, camping, or maybe you prefer kayaking in boats which cost a whole lot to ship to the beach in the first place, unless you obtain accurate price logistical help. But, do you crave for something slow pace, yet fun? Are you not a fan of
long beaching with a drink in your hand? Do you want to visit as many places as
possible, try local cuisine and feel the local atmosphere? We have a perfect
solution, which will increase your possibilities and mobility compared to
traditional stationary leisure. 


Holidays like no other

For all fans of beautiful beaches, rich flora, historical
monuments, interesting architecture and clear water we recommend yacht
charter in Croatia
. The biggest benefit of yacht charter is the possibility
of planning holidays with a group of friends as yachts can accommodate several
people. This unconventional way of spending these few looked forward days will
satisfy everyone who likes outdoor activity and stunning views! Yacht charter
allows you to plan your own adventure as you can pick points of destination
however you like. Did you find a place you especially liked? Nothing stops you
from staying a few hours longer. Sailing is equal to exploring new, wonderful


Why is Croatia excellent for leisure?

Croatia is absolutely perfect as it will satisfy both experienced
and beginner sailors. The perfect weather, azure sky, clear water make Croatia
stunning. Long sailing season is a very big advantage – it lasts from April
till October. Seaside marinas are well adjusted for arriving tourists – sailors
have access to electricity, water and lavatories. In restaurants of coastal
towns you can try local cuisine, sightsee unique architecture or amazing views.
Tourists who want to visit the inside parts of the country can rent a car in
local car rentals. Croatia offers a “full package” – everyone will find something
to love it for.


How to start planning?

If you are able to start planning long before holidays, you should
be looking at first minutes offers. It will help you save up to several percent
of charter price. Booking a yacht early certainly expands the number of boats
to choose from, which is a huge benefit. You can do everything through the
internet which makes it a lot easier and significantly shortens time of the
whole booking process.


There is no perfect way to spend holidays for everyone, but yacht charter certainly
allows you to match your holidays to your own, personal needs. Thanks to that
your Croatian holidays will be your dreams coming true – mix of freedom and