Tips To Buying Cheap Train Tickets

Travelling by train is a fantastic way to get from A to B. It is comfortable, quick and normally a lot less hassle then driving or flying. Further more, it is much better for the environment. Travelling by train is one form of transport that uses much less fossil fuels and carbon then other methods like cars and planes.

However, travelling by train is not always cost effective. In the UK, for example, a train ticket from London to Manchester can cost around £200. It is possible to get a cheap flight for less then £50. So how do we secure cheap train tickets to avoid paying over the top fares?

The first thing to do is buying early. The sooner you buy, the more likely you are to secure a cheap ticket. Train tickets are often discounted for advance sales and the price ramps up closer to the departure of the train. Buying a train ticket at the station on the day of travel is usually a sure way of paying full fare.

The second tip is to try and buy online. Online ticket providers normally have very good deals and this can represent a significant saving. It is also a very easy and time saving way to buy your cheap train ticket.

The third tip is to buy an economy or saver ticket. If you want a cheap ticket, there is no point in travelling first class!

The fourth tip is to travel at non-peak times. Peak time travel is often more expensive because commuters who are travelling to work are out in force. Often travelling after 9.30am is cheaper then before. And it’s a lot more comfortable with less crowded trains.

And finally, try and buy a ticket with a fixed time. Open or flexible tickets are normally charged at a premium. Tickets with a fixed departure time are normally cheaper. Just don’t miss the train!

Travelling by train is comfortable and easy on the environment. Buying a cheap train ticket does not have to be difficult. Just remember to buy early, buy online, go for economy, travel at non-peak times and get a ticket with a fixed departure time.

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