Visit Rift Valley, Premier Tourists Destination in Ethiopia!

Rift Valley is group of some of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, formed by the East African Rift. Each of the seven lakes has its own special life and character and provides ideal habitats for the exuberant variety of flora and fauna which runs through the whole eastern side of the African continent from north to south. It is certainly a paradise for the watcher of wild animals and birds, and both locals and Ethiopia flights takers visit this picturesque valley. It is not rich only in natural beauty but also has strong cultural heritage. It was formed about 20 million years ago, and is one the geologic wonders of the world.

Things to do:

Many bird species are easily seen here from savannah to water bird species, reflecting the different habitats within the park. Nature lovers frequently take cheap flights to Ethiopia to view a great abundance of bird life. Around the rivers and lakes you will find the Ganjulle and Gujji tribes, who live primarily from the resources these lakes, provide and are the representative of the culture of this region. It offers excellent boat safaris. The lakes one may like to visit are freshwater ecoregions of great biodiversity, while others are alkaline or soda lakes supporting highly specialized organisms, each of the seven lakes has its own special life and character. Nature lovers find here mush to enjoy. They may also enjoy natural hot springs and spas in the area of Arbaminch by taking their cheap Ethiopia flights. It is a large area with about 6,000 km. This is also an ideal place for swimming and some other water sports.

Other Information:

The area endowed with many beautiful lakes, numerous hot springs, warm and pleasant climate and a variety of wildlife is fully exploited for tourists except Lake Langano where tourist’s class hotels are built to accommodate those taking flights to Ethiopia. This area is playing the most important role in boasting tourism in this region. Rift Valley is the single largest geographical feature on the African continent. In northern Ethiopia it forms the Danakil Depression. It has an easy transport access. Tourists taking cheap flights to Ethiopia from UK and other places can easily reach here through the transport network here. Public transport is very easy and convenient to catch in the region. One may move to Rift Valley from airport and to other regions from the Rift Valley

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